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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Jill Lowe Friends Programme!

This is our affiliate program, where you can earn by referring others to our courses, like the Talent Transformation course.

Who Can Join?
Participants who registered for 10 course modules of Jill Lowe Talent Transformation course, and successfully completed at least 3 course modules.

How Does it Work?
When someone buys a course through your referral link, you earn a Referral Honorarium (a commission), 8% of the paid course fee.

Getting Rewarded:
Referral Honorarium is paid every 2 months, for the previous month’s earnings.  

The Payout Process: 
To receive your payout, fill in and submit the Payout Request.

Members can request payout via PayNow to a name and phone number provided in the Payout Request form. Once the payout completed, you will receive a notification sent to your mobile phone via SMS.

Keeping Your Details Updated:
Make sure your Account and Payout Request form details are correct for a smooth payout processing.

Changes to the Program:
We may update these terms occasionally, but we’ll always aim to keep things fair for you.

Your Commitment:
By joining, you agree to share our courses honestly and ethically.

Questions or Concerns?
If you have any questions, just reach out to us. Call at 8688 1833, or email at
We’re here to help!