Deep Autumn

Can have a warmer skin tone with a possibility for a higher contrast look. They suit deep, warm colors such as dark chocolate, olive, and rich golden yellows.

Warm Autumn

Often has a warm skin undertone that tans easily with warm brown or red hair. They look best in rich and warm earth tones like burnt orange, warm greens, and browns.

Soft Autumn

May have a softer, more muted appearance with a warm and slightly peachy skin undertone. Suited for soft, warm, and muted colors like olive, mustard, and softer browns.

Soft Summer

Typically has a neutral to cool skin undertone with a low contrast between hair, eyes, and skin. Colors like taupe, soft fuchsia, and soft blue can be flattering.

Cool Summer

May have a skin tone that is cool with blue or pink undertones and hair color that is cool-toned without golden highlights. They suit colors like raspberry, mauve, and soft blue.

Light Summer

Often has a fair complexion that may burn easily, with ash blonde or light brown hair, and cool eye colors. Best with soft, cool, and muted colors like lavender, soft blue, and light pink.

Warm Spring

Likely to have a creamy white or peachy skin tone with hair color that could range from golden blonde to rich brown, all with warm undertones. They look great in earthy colors like camel, golden yellows, and greens.

Clear Spring

Can have a more vibrant look with a warm skin undertone, high contrast between their hair, eye color, and skin tone. They suit clear, warm colors like turquoise, hot coral, and lime.

Light Spring

May have lighter skin with warm undertones, possibly with a golden glow, with light to medium brown hair and light eyes. Best with soft, warm, and light colors like peach, coral, and light warm greens.

Clear Winter

Often has a high contrast appearance with very light skin and dark hair or bright, clear eyes. They suit clear, icy shades and jewel tones.